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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Chart Room...The Quarter's Best Kept Secret!

LOCATION: Chartres @ Bienville, French Quarter
PRICES: Cheap!

The Chart Room is a locals favorite...why? Simple, really cheap, really strong drinks. The staff here, Lisa, Chris, Will and the rest of the crew are super friendly, remember what you drink and know how it's done in the Quarter. It's a little off the beaten path of Bourbon and Decatur Streets and that's a good thing. The very dimly lit, old world charm of the place is a draw all it's own too. The patrons tend to be mostly locals with a sprinkling of "in the know" tourists. This is one of the few places probably in the country where you'll find Miller High Life on tap for a measly $2. Order a Jager shot and WATCH OUT...it's really about three shots according to most bars pouring standards and will only set ya back $4. Compare that to about $7 on Bourbon St. for two thirds less hooch! The crowd usually comes in shifts...afternoon, early evening and late night after the service folks get off work. Just a short walk from Jackson Square, The Chart Room is a real gem in a sea of French Quarter drinking haunts, one you'll want to come back to time and again (or until AA intervenes) :-)

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  1. Oh, I almost forgot, KILLER jukebox with a selection as eclectic as the place itself, not to be missed!